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K-Bright Law Firm focuses on the comprehensive legal services for the operation of well-known foreign-invested companies, large state-owned companies and private companies in the District of Yangtze River Delta of P.R.C.  Our services cover foreign investment, labor/HR issues, IP rights protection, real estate, tax issues, merger & acquisition, reorganization, private equity and venture capital, customs and international trade issues, governmental review/approving issues, and disputes resolution.  Our clients are from multiple countries and districts of north America, Europe, and Asia, and engage in various industries, such as steel, chemical, mechanical, electricity, auto parts, new energy, environmental protection, IC, pharmacy, real estate and financial industries, etc., some of which play a leading role in the world, some of which are subsidiaries of Foutune-500 companies.  K-bright is able to provide professional legal services in English, Japanese, and Korean.
Our goal is to intimately understand every client's needs, from routine commercial activities to series strategic launches. Be sensitive to business concerns of our clients, we train our legal professionals to take a commercial approach to legal issues. We can provide our clients tailored service packages based on clients' specified goals and actual situations to help them succeed.
In K-Bright, clients' success is the ultimate measure of our own success.
Team Work
K-Bright is proud to have a strong team led by qualified lawyers with top calibers, excellent educations and rich experiences.  All the lawyers working with K-Bright have received intensive legal education in well-known law schools.  
Team spirit is our firm's soul. High-quality teamwork ensures us to give the appropriate advice based on detailed knowledge of the law, experience in its interpretation and application, and a detailed understanding of your business.
Our specialization mainly driven by various demands of clients in legal profession is becoming much stronger with the complexity of the evolving legal regime, variety of markets and rapidity of globalization. It has been proven that the specialization of services has kept old clients and attracted new clients.
We are treating our clients' strategic plans and needs as our inspirations and challenges. With our strong specialized teams, we are able to consistently render qualified, innovative, and strategic legal solutions.
We understand that efficiency of our legal services is one of the most important concerns of our client. In the highly competitive commercial environment, our clients need to obtain proper and timely legal advices to help them to make quick commercial decisions and pursue commercial opportunities to achieve their goals.
By our efficient legal professional and well organized working schedule, we can quickly respond to our clients’ instructions and always meet our clients' timeline.
In K-Bright, many lawyers have working experiences in various institutions, such as governmental agencies, courts, prosecutor offices, arbitration bodies, universities and customs. Many lawyers have represented clients before all levels of administrative agencies and various courts in Yangtzi River Delta, which enables us to build and maintain good working relationships with such institutions.
K-Bright knows not only written laws and regulations, more importantly, but also the local practice.
Competitive and Flexible Charge Policy
The reasonable attorney fee is our basis for recruitment of best professionals and high quality legal services. However, we understand the necessary of legal cost control of our clients. Therefore, we stress the importance of value-added services.
Generally, the standard of the attorney fee will be decided by workload, difficulty and complexity of the legal services, and the disputed amount as well.  Upon our clients’ intention, we could charge on the hourly basis, package fee or the contingency fee.

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