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Our founding partner Mr. Michael Meng was invited to give a lecture of Success•Reading•Dream in Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School.

Jiangsu K-Bright Law Firm aims to become a pioneer in programs for public service and repays positively to the society.

Recently, our founding partner Mr. Michael Meng was invited by Wuxi Institute of Fudan University to give a lecture of Success·Reading·Dream for the May Fourth Class of Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School, where about 300 students participated actively.  

TALMUD said, if you want to be respected, and cultivate a good student.

Mr. Michael Meng shared his own feelings and interacts with students with a fine sense of humor. Besides that, he helped students to resolve confusions relating to success, reading, and dream, where the students reached a better understanding of this lecture.

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